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June 15th 2013: The Surfing Heritage Museum
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'Drawing Attention' CA State University, Northridge:
August 2013. Catalog forward by Seymour Chwast.
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Atomic Banana: A Pacific Standard Time Poster

Featuring John Van Hamersveld

NEW: The 50th Anniversary Endless Summer Poster
An historic collaborative publication by Bruce Brown Films,
Post-Future: The Art Company and John Van Hamersveld

California Design 1935-1965. A Pacific Standard Time Exhibit

The large original theater day-glo poster was positioned by the curators so
that it was located at the very end of the exhibit -- leading the transition to
the postmodern era and pop culture.

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Coolhous Studio 50 Years of Graphic Design

The 2013 Venice Art Walk & Auctions
The 2013 Venice Art Walk and Auctions proudly honors
the achievements of two signature artists: Larry Bell
and John Van Hamersveld


The Winwood | Clapton Poster Collection

A Pacific Standard Time Exhibit

Above: Du-Pars Cup 2:30 a.m. (Fairfax). 1968